Waiting at King’s Cross

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Tonight I had to meet a friend at Kings Cross Station and before it I took some pictures.

My first work at LCC

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Hi everybody!

As I didn’t go to school the last two weeks, I didn’t really know what I had to do, but reading others classmates blogs I’ve got an idea about it and I did.

I supposed that we should find two different workers and take around 40 pictures and with and edit 3 of them. I used ISO 400 and my fixe lenses 50mm f1,8, but working with a manual focus I couldn’t really used the bigger diaphragm.

Walking on the street I found Julian with his sweep near Oxford Circus. We stayed together for few minutes walking, speaking and taking pictures. During his break I could shoot him with a pint of beer in a traditional English dark pub. He’s been working as a street sweeper for four months in this region. He told me that he is the only English in his work. “I work with a lot of Polish and African, but I’m the only English there”.

Continuing my way, I walked in front of a luxury jewelry and Gaetano Chiavetta caught my attention. He was inside of a little room concentrated working with a little piece. I wondered if I would be welcome in this shop. I passed in front of the door almost three times until got the courage to enter. Everybody was really polite with me as if I were a rich costumer. I asked to take pictures and after few questions they agreed. Cool!

As Julian, Gaetano is new in his work. This was his first week at “Bentley Skinner”, but he has been in London for two years, keeping his strong Italy accent.

So, it was my first work at LCC.