Amigo Punk

Starting in America, but exploded in Britain and then in France and after in all Europe, the punk was and, may be is still, the symbol of England. It started around 1975 and when we think about it, the first idea that come in our head is groups as Sex Pistols from UK and Ramones from USA, who stamped an era. Punk can not be summary like groups of music, violent guys and mohawks, it changed a lot of thing from fine art to fashion, from the social movement to music.

Before living in Europe I was already a listener of punk rock, but I haven’t had yet contact with them. It began when I moved to Paris and started look up squats and punk parties, where I started feel, smell and know more about this culture. Once that I came in London, still listening to punk rock, I noticed that I was in their cot and I should have to have more informations about it.

Looking up this places, having beers with them I wondered that I couldn’t only go to the middle of the pogo and don’t record it . Two weeks ago I went to Brixton in a punk concert where I met Bradley and his French girlfriend Magalli. He’s was born in UK, but grow up in South Africa, place where he first listened a punk rock disc. If you look at him you can not imagine that he works 4 days a week as a mechanical engineer in a big company in Essex, two hours far from his house in Leyton. “I could work 5 days a week, and I would have more money, but I just want to have enough to pay my rend and my night”, explained him. He earns 10£ hour. In the end of the week he can get around 200£.

But for him, the main part of the life is his night, his gigs and his drinks. “My job is only to allow my keep going in my way”.

At the first time that I met him, his red mohawks caught my attention. But it wasn’t only me. While the nights that we go out together I could notice that a lot of people stop him on street to talk about it, ask to take pictures with or even ask to touch his hair. Something funny. This first night he was with a friend how has also the same color mohawks. They seemed for me a couple of punk, or may be brothers.

I tried to speak with him and explained that I wanted to do and why. He accepted being followed and then we keep in touche for a while until he was free.

I shot him for two nights. My main idea was show a little about a punk night.

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