Narrative with 3 pictures

When I received the assignment details in my e-mail box I didn’t have any idea about what shoot, when or even who. So, I first tried to think about something that I could have a meeting and then follow this person or this situation. I was thinking that it could be easier, but nothing was passing in my mind. Maybe a situation that I could keep more time doing it after, but I wouldn’t have enough time me find something interesting in few days. I made researches on internet, but I didn’t find anything. As I always bring my camera with me, I opted to think about a narrative while my perambulation in London. It could happen in a train, on the street, in a pub or anywhere. I just had to be attentive in my way. That’s the tactic that I’ve been using to do my assignments: try to find what I want on the street.
It was Friday night and I went out, still thinking about the narrative and the video that we watched in class. In my back, my rock-sac with my camera and a little note and a pen. First I went to a theater and after to a pub next to Bethnal Green. The name of the bar was something like Star Bar. I was with friends. When we came in I saw that it was a karaoke bar. In this time I thought that I could make my narrative there. The light wasn’t really strong, so I chose a high ISO, little aperture and a low speed, because I would like to show the movement of the people dancing and singing.
Next to the stage I saw a guy who wanted to sing and was just waiting for his time. I took few pictures of him from his back and then I stood near him and started shooting. When I saw the organizer come to him I got an idea: shoot this narrative. So, the first picture of my edition is he saying what he wanted sing, I don’t really remember the music, but no problem. I shot few frames and he went to the stage, where I shot most of the pictures of this series, while he was singing. The last picture is he leaving the stage while her, the organizer, look at him.
I tried to put both of them in all pictures to try to show a narrative story with a relationship. I don’t know if I’ve managed, but that’s the result.

ps: Sorry about my English…!

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A night with my camera. From Brixton to Hackney Wick

Last night I went out with my camera. I started in Old Street and then me and Victor got together and went to a pub in Brixton where one of his friends was going to play. Afterwards, alone, I tried to go to a party  in Hackney Wick, but while on my way I end up at a birthday party of someone who I’ve never seen before. It was a reggae style birthday party with a lot of black people wearing colored clothes. They welcomed me in and…that’s the result !

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Old Spanish man from Brazil

Yesterday I was at Oxford Circus Station going to LCC when I saw this old and friendly man. I tried to speak with him but it was so hard to do it. After 10 minutes trying a communication I learnt that he was Spanish and more, he used to live in Sao Paulo, my hometown, for more than 50 years, so he is more “paulistano” than me, so we spoke portuguese for few minutes.

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Close portraits: Rastaman

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As always, I tried to be as next as I could to my subject. Using a little 50mm f:1,8 I went out looking for some interesting face. This is a guy who I met in my area, Seven Sisters. I asked to take a picture of him. He accepted and I pushed my self asking if I could go to his place. It was OK for him, so I went and I brought my black background, my flash (that I used it direct) and tripod to hold my flash. That’s wall. Attack!

My LCC’s friends in colors!

Today, during the first part of the class I noticed a fuc**** good light coming from the window, but I couldn’t get up and shoot it, so I waited for the break time and I asked my colleges who were wearing colors t-shirt to sit and be shot for me for few seconds… as Nick Clegg did…

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Few seconds in front of Nick Clegg

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At 03rd of February 2011, I woke up early, I had a quickly breakfast, I was nervous. I would photograph Nick Clegg (Vice-Prime Minister of UK) for a Brazilian Magazine. I have already photographed famous people, as such, Pope John Paul II, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Dilma Rousseff and even George W. Bush. But these day, I was felling something different. May be because I had to wear a suit and a tie, or just because I was studying photojournalist and I couldn’t miss the picture. I don’t know.

Ok. Once that I was inside of a building on 70, Whitehall, near the Big Ben I forgot all the world around me to be concentrated about what I would do. The interview started late in his office, and I started shooting him while his conversation with the reporter, because I didn’t know how much time I’d have to take his portrait, so I decided to get the picture as soon as possible. He stayed chatting with the reporter for 23 minutes and than. “Are you ready mister?”, I just replied, with one word. “Yes”.

So, he sat in front of me and stayed for less than two minutes. I tried to shoot him as much as I could in different points of views, but with the same “window light” that I was already measured.

This is the result, with the publication also.

Deliverer of meat in Seven Sisters


This is not the first time that I see Ali Jhan working near to my house. But this 9th February I stopped and asked to take few pictures of him. It was easier than I was expecting, I just needed to introduce my self and say what I wanted to do here. In two phrases I persuaded him: “I’m doing a personal project and I’d like to take few pictures of you. Do you agree?”
I had around 15 minutes while he was waiting for his colleges to collect the meat.
I shot him inside of his truck in Seven Sisters, North of London.

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